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How Do I Choose the Best Bowling Ball for My Game

how to choose a bowling ball

There are a couple factors to look at to help you make this decision. Ball weight, ball speed, first ball, adding to your current arsenal, rotation of your hand around the ball, looking for more hook, less hook, for league, or for tournament play, can all determine […]

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Coming Back to League After Summer Layoff

It’s that time of year again. The bowling season is upon us. If you took the summer off, there are a couple of tips to help you get back into the “swing” (sorry) things quickly. Take your ball into the pro shop and have him check the […]

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30 Days To Becoming A Better Bowler

Sounds like one of those crazy infomercials that come on at 3AM doesn’t it. But truth be told if you dedicate just 30 days to practicing, you can become a much better and more consistent bowler which will raise your average. It will only take twice a […]

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