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How To Become More Consistent At Hitting Our Target Lines

By Richard Shockley, USBC Gold Level Instructor Back in the mid 80’s when I started my Atlanta Bowling Academy, I found that many of my students, both beginners and those who were more skilled, had a problem hitting their target lines consistently. It did not take me […]

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Bowling Tape is a Must for Every Bowler!

If you bowl on a regular basis one of the things that will happen is that your hand will change sizes, especially the thumb for most bowlers, with the hand sometimes being larger or even smaller, and in order to make the fit of the ball feel […]

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Better Balance at the Foul Line

Are you having issues falling off to one side at the foul line or hopping at the end of your approach to keep your balance? Hopefully a couple of these tips will help you. Believe it or not, your starting position of your body or stance can […]

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