John Gaines, Vice President of Bowler Development

John Gaines

John Gaines, Vice President of Bowler Development at BowlersMart, is an industry veteran, with accomplishments including 4 USBC Open Championship titles, a U.S. Amateur Championship, and was recently inducted in to the USBC Hall of Fame for outstanding USBC performance. While his credentials speak of the high level accomplishments that few bowlers reach, Gaines is very aware that the entry level bowler is the foundation of our sport.

Too often our sport tends to look at the high level bowler as the one to help out or coach. The fact is that an extremely small number of people can move past that 220 range to the next level. But there’s tens of thousands of bowlers out there that can move from 80 to 120, or from 160 to 200. It’s these bowlers that we’ll be most focused on. It’s the bowlers at the ground floor that need the most attention. If we can teach the fundamentals of the game to a group of beginning bowlers, they’re sure to enjoy our sport longer and participate in it more often.