Leanne Vastbinder Rolls 804 with Back-to-Back 300 Games

Besides bowling, Leanne Vastbinder enjoys music. She already plays piano and wants to learn cello. In school her favorite subject is American History. Specifically learning about the Civil War period. She is also a budding amateur photographer.

Leanne started bowling at 11 years old in the Orlando, FL area as part of the fun “Kids Bowl Free” program. Her grandparents bought Leanne her first ball and bag and also got her a lesson so she could learn correctly from the start. That fall she joined a youth league. Her brother also joined a high school, Circle Christian School, boy’s JV bowling team. The next year Leanne joined the girls high school bowling team at Circle Christian School as a 7th grader. It was only the 2nd year Circle had enough girls for a team. Eventually, Leanne participated in multiple leagues in the Orlando area. Including a youth sport shot league. This is where her talents started to blossom.

In 2013, Leanne competed as a 9th grader in her first Florida High School Athletic Association (FHSAA) State Championship finishing 4th. Leanne also was captain of the Orlando Region USBC All City Girls Team for the 2013-2014 season.

In 2014 Leanne came back to the FHSAA State Championship to claim the title in the girl’s division. 2014 is also when Leanne shot her first 300. She again was the captain of the All City Girls team for the 2014-2015 season.

In 2015 Leanne came back to defend her title at the FHSAA State Championships. Although she fell a little short of her goal of defending singles, finishing 6th, she did lead her Circle Christian School to the team title.

And now in January, Leanne bowled back to back 300 games and her new high series of 804!

I asked Leanne what her favorite part of bowling is. “I think my favorite part of bowling is competition (specifically match play) because it’s exciting, especially when you have to double in the tenth to win a match. All people are prone to failure. So when you can overcome those mental and physical obstacles and come out victorious, it’s exhilarating. Those moments when you feel pure excitement in a match because you know you’re competing for something you’ve dreamed about.”

Leanne has already had quite a few accomplishments in her short bowling career. But I will tell you this is what happens when someone is willing to put in some hard work with some good instruction. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Leanne as her bowling mentor and coach.

John Gaines

John Gaines

VP of Bowler Development at BowlersMart
Too often our sport tends to look at the high level bowler as the one to help out or coach. The fact is that an extremely small number of people can move past that 220 range to the next level. But there’s tens of thousands of bowlers out there that can move from 80 to 120, or from 160 to 200. It’s these bowlers that we’ll be most focused on. It’s the bowlers at the ground floor that need the most attention. If we can teach the fundamentals of the game to a group of beginning bowlers, they’re sure to enjoy our sport longer and participate in it more often.
John Gaines

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